On Location [Part Two]

                                Photography from in and around Dundee

Olivia (Lulu) Glen

A bit of fun with 2 images. Olivia (Lulu) Glen in Dundee city centre 26th May 2023. And Tayport Lighthouse Fife Scotland 5th July 2023. Photoshop CC digitally altered.

Lighthouse de Beatriz II
Rebecca & Marcelina [2012]

Dundee Photographics is mainly an Outdoor Photographer with a good friendly reputation and knows how to put you at ease before your photoshoot. Whether an aspiring model needing a portfolio for agency work, or if you just want a "makeover and photo session". I can provide a comprehensive service on any location in and around Dundee giving that professional look

Rebecca & Marcelina [2012]
Marcelina & Rebecca [2012]












Marcelina and Rebecca

at The Howff Cemetery, a burial ground in the city of Dundee, Scotland. Established in 1564

Alice In Wonderland

Dundee Photographics offers a wide range photography. Glamour, Fashion, Spontaneous and Casual Portraiture all with a theme and storyline. A 2009 shoot is a fairytale theme "Alice In Wonderland" with American model Doryan Grey

Alice`s Escape From Wonderland
Lhiannan Shee



"Lhiannan Shee" 

Among the many night creatures of the Isle of Man is the Lhiannan Shee or “Fairy Lover”. This particular fairy has many counterparts depending on whether it is Ireland, Scotland, Wales, etc.  Like all fairies of Celtic lore this one is also part of the fairy race of the Tuatha De Danaan. Lhiannan Shee  is a spirit friend, a female fairy who waited to encounter men. If one spoke to her she followed him always, but remained invisible to everyone else. Taken at the Dundee Botanical Gardens.

Bareback Lighthouse

Jodi-Anne Cullin outside the Caird Hall in Dundee



































Rebecca at the The 1564 Howff burial ground in Dundee

Car Wing Mirror Beauty

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