Prices and fees

We strive to work with you to create world-class photography at affordable rates. Below is an overview of our standard fees. For individual projects and bulk discounts, please contact us.


1st Package: Standard Photo-Session which covers any location/s in and around Dundee or your own favourite location/s

Costs = £100.00 including DVD/Cd or Memory Stick with images. Includes 10 Pro Lab Prints.

Location Photo-Session packages

2nd Package: The full day Location Photo-Session offers you The cost of your Location Photo Session = £130 This price includes the processing,the photographs, the portfolio album, and the photographer`s editing. 20 Pro Lab Prints. High Quality Gloss or Lustre printed presentations. We have a range of high quality portable equipment that can be used in any environment and under any weather conditions. As with other packages, you will also receive a DVD/Cd or Memory Stick with images. Pro Lab Prints. High Quality Gloss or Lustre PRINTS are available at reasonable prices.



Booking fee

A non-refundable booking fee is 50% of the estimated cost of your package or photo-session and must be paid in advance. We won't be able to confirm your session until the booking fee has been paid.

Online proofs free
Proof sheet
Proof print £--



5 x 7"       £5.00


6 x 8"       £6.00


10" x 7"    £7.00


10" x 8"    £8.00


12" x 8"   £10.00 * A4


14" x 10”  £12.00


15" x 10”  £14.00


16" x 12”  £16.00


18" x 12”  £18.00 **