Dundee Freelance Photographer & Photojournalist

      Dundee Photographics: Capturing the action live 

News Media Association - Freelance Press Photographer. Contributing to Live News as a news-gatherer for the regional, national and international newspapers I take great pride in offering a top quality photography service telling the story of every day events as it happens rather than directing it. My professional and creative work also reflects a long history behind the camera describing my style as “storytelling in pictures” and documenting these as naturally and unobtrusively as possible. From weather reports to Royal visits, music, events and even the Coronavirus [Covid-19] of 2020-21 

RNLI Lifeguard Training

UK Weather: Warm sunny day with slight moderate breeze across North East Scotland with temperatures reaching 17°C. The Royal National Lifeboat  Institution is out on a basic sea survival drill along Broughty Ferry Beach in Dundee. A female swimmer Paula Murray is being rescued by an RNLI Lifeguard Nick Parsons on the river Tay Estuary.

The Old Course at St Andrews Links

UK Weather: A cool misty day across North East Scotland with temperatures reaching 15°C. Local residents get together for a day out to enjoy a game of golf at The Old Course at St Andrews Links

Dancing In The Street

UK Weather: A fine dry day with plenty of bright and sunny spells appearing through the afternoon across North East Scotland with temperatures reaching 20°C. Many people are still well aware of the social distancing guidelines and the wearing of face masks as local residents take the day out to enjoy the weather and socialise outside. A young Ukrainian couple dancing together to the music played by local folk musician Eric Gudmunsen busking in Dundee city centre

Broughty Ferry beach

UK Weather: July heatwave sweeping across North East Scotland with maximum temperature 27°C. Beach-goers take the day out soaking up the warm glorious summer sunshine along Broughty Ferry beach in Dundee

A hot and mostly sunny day with temperatures reaching 29º Celsius. A teenage girl having fun playing Volleyball on Broughty Ferry Beach in Dundee.

Hot sunny weather

UK Weather: Hot sunny weather sweeping across North East Scotland with maximum temperature 29°C. A senior couple taking advantage of the glorious warm summer sunshine sunbathing along Broughty Ferry beach in Dundee.

Bright unsettled day with heavy showers and thunderstorms that will be torrential at times, maximum temperature 21°C. Torrential downpours soak shoppers in Dundee city centre

UK Weather: Heavy rain forecast across the North-East Scotland had local residents sheltering under umbrellas. Shoppers were caught out with sudden heavy downpours and occasional gusts of wind while out shopping in Dundee city centre during the Covid-19 Lockdown