Dundee Waterfront
V&A Design Museuum

28th July, 2022. A landscape with stunning views of the V&A Design Museum and the Dundee Waterfront Development Project as seen from the Tay road bridge

27th July, 2022. UK Weather: A warm and dry sunny July morning across North East Scotland with temperatures reaching 18°C. The colourful landscape of Dundee City, 1800`s Railway Bridge and the River Tay at low tide as seen from the "Law," the remains of a volcanic sill and the city's central and highest point

The Dundee waterfront is basking in glorious winter sunshine and clear blue skies giving a spectacular view of the impressive V&A Design Museum and the RRS Discovery ship

1800`s Tay Railway Bridge
Discovery Point

Tourists visiting the Robert Falcon Scott 1912 Antarctica expedition museum at Discovery Point on Dundee city waterfront. The Terra Nova Expedition, officially the British Antarctic Expedition, was an expedition to Antarctica which took place between 1910 and 1913. It was led by Robert Falcon Scott and had various scientific and geographical objectives

Missel Thrush Leisure Boat

The River Tay leisure boat and water taxis service Missel Thrush entering Broughty Ferry harbour with tourists on board.

Dundee Icons painted on DC Thomson Buildings.






Dundee Photographics has stunning images in colour and B&W documenting lifestyles and cultures. I supply top quality photographs created for your brochures, online and editorial use and can provide a wide range of services from documentary to stock photography. Statues of Desperate Dan cartoon hero and The Beano published by DC Thompson. The recently painted Dundee Icons of Desperate Dan, Oor Wullie and Dennis The Menace on DC Thomson Buildings

Ardler Multis

Dundee is over 900 years old and most of the historical buildings are slowly diminishing for modern state of the art Development and new cultures. Dundee is the home of Engineering, modern and Gothic Style Architecture. "The last of the Ardler Multi Storeys", 1960`s housing being demolished to make way for new accommodation. If you need those memories on photographs,for archives or general interest please get in touch and I will capture those historical images.




Mary Mitchell Slessor monument erected on January 2015 on the 100th anniversary of her death at the Steeple church in Dundee. Mary Mitchell Slessor born on 2nd December 1848 and died on 13th January 1915 she was a weaver, teacher, missionary and magistrate. Mary lived and worked in Dundee at the Baxter Brothers Jute Mills in the city. Aged 28 she travelled to Calabar in Nigeria, Africa was known as “The Whitemans Grave”. She challenged the superstitions of the tribes stopping their barbaric practices rescuing and adopting twins who were believed to be the work of evil spirits. Mary Slessor will always be remembered by those whom she helped and loved as a “Mother Of All The Peoples” The Mary Slessor Foundation commissioned the city centre memorial with help from a number of city groups. The stone carries a bronze plaque detailing the life and work of the former jute weaver. Mary Slessor was born in Aberdeen and raised in Dundee before becoming a noted missionary in Nigeria.

Tayside Aviation Piper PA-28 Warrior G-EVIE aircraft flying overhead while preparing to land at Dundee airport

Tayside Aviation Piper PA-28 Warrior G-EVIE [Light Plane] is dedicated to Evie Saunders who started to train for her PPL in her sixties but sadly died of cancer before completing her course. This Piper Warrior was donated by the family of Evie Saunders, a lady who had always wanted to fly and passed her PPL at the age of 69.Piper Warrior was donated by the family of Evie Saunders, a lady who had always wanted to fly and passed her PPL at the age of 69. She bought the Warrior and never got to fly it. When she died, she left some of her estate to the care and maintenance of the Warrior and to help young people learn to fly. Through The Air League Education Trust, Tayside Aviation has formed an operating agreement to assist with The Air League's scholarships.