Live News & Reportage

Dundee Photographics has an outstanding reputation for producing beautiful, glamorous, creative and contemporary imagery with modern and traditional photography. Located in Dundee I also specialize in contemporary and reportage styles photography to provide you with a combination of “posed and candid photographs” - a full record of the events combining a modern storybook technique. I can offer to do this in a variety of styles from traditional to informal, and in colour or black & white. There are currently three main styles dominating photography: journalistic, fashion and traditional. Journalistic has a “fly on the wall” feel, as your photographer unobtrusively documents the day, fashion is a more stylized mode, requiring time, lighting and vision to create artistic and dramatic images, while traditional photography is centred on classic portraits, focal moments and traditional group shots. Reportage, also known as documentary or journalistic photography is to document your special day in an unobtrusive fashion, telling a narrative. Whilst this will provide stunning shots and genuine emotion, brought to life by my photography.

Heatwave sweeps across Dundee on Bank Holiday Monday with temperatures reaching 24º Celsius. A Spanish holidaymaker Maria Alejandra enjoying the Scottish weather sunbathing in the late afternoon on Broughty Ferry beach

Spanish woman Beatriz Villacorta Suarez from the East Coast Tattoo Studio “TheHiveArtStudioInk” sitting at the Caird Hall Doric Column using her notebook laptop computer on an overcast and humid spring afternoon in Dundee

UK weather: Heatwave sweeps across Dundee on Bank Holiday Monday with temperatures reaching 24º Celsius. Holidaymakers enjoy the late afternoon weather on Broughty Ferry beach. Two women sitting on seats cooling down eating ice cream cones





UK weather: Cloudy and humid day with temperatures reaching 21º Celsius. Two friends Kai Bateman [left] and Rachael Maywood [right] standing hugging each-other and having fun beside the Desperate Dan statue in Dundee












UK Weather: Torrential heavy downpours soak shoppers in Dundee City Centre. The unsettled weather across Tayside caught shoppers by surprise with heavy outbursts of rain during the day. Some were prepared but others use alternative ways to shelter

UK weather: Sunny and cold in rural Dundee with temperatures plummeting to near freezing, 5° Celsius. A farmer is ploughing his field preparing for next years crop