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30th May, 2023. The German Phoenix Reisen Cruises, Artania cruise ship arriving in Dundee around 11am today and will depart at 11pm tonight. Artania's current voyage is a 12-day round-trip of the United Kingdom. The itinerary started on 20th May, 2023 and ends on 1st Jun, 2023 arriving in Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany.

26th May, 2023. UK Weather: Temperatures in the north-east of Scotland were around 16°C due to bright, warm sunshine. Lulu Glen a 22 year old American exchange student from Pennsylvania, happily smiles for a portrait in Dundee's city centre while enjoying the lovely spring weather

12th Nov, 2022. Sister Act: The Broughty Opera, an amateur operatic society presents the production of Sister Act, a divine musical comedy based on Joseph Howard's hit 1992 film of the same name. The amateur actors dressed in full costumers throughout the city centre are promoting the musical comedy which will be performed at Dundee's Gardyne Theatre from November 23 to November 26, 2022

13th Nov, 2022. Remembrance Day: Lord Provost Bill Campbell and city councillors are joined by a few Dundee residents, dignitaries, armed forces representatives, veterans, Police Scotland, and the Scottish Free Masons to remember Dundee men who died in World Wars I and II. The gathering took place around 12.20pm at the Law Hill monument, which is the highest and most central point in the city, where they laid poppy wreaths and observed a two-minute silence

11th Nov, 2022. Armistice Day: Dundee Lord Provost Bill Campbell takes time to have his photograph taken after the two-minute silence that took place in Dundee City Square

26th Sep, 2022. UK News: Nicko Cruises Vasco da Gama Madeira cruise ship is docked at Port of Dundee. After making an overnight stop from Europe, the cruise ship carrying 1,000 passengers will depart Dundee later this afternoon. Nicko Cruises, a German company arrived in the City of Discovery early on Sunday after departing from Aberdeen. The 219-meter ship is on an 11-day voyage that stops in Kriel, Germany after visiting Copenhagen, Stavanger, and Bergen

11th September 2022. UK News: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's cortège is being driven through Dundee along the Kingsway dual carriageway on its way to Perth from Balmoral, arriving around 4 p.m. in Scotland's capital Edinburgh. Many people have gathered to pay their respects to the world's longest-reigning monarch

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's cortège is being driven through Dundee along the Kingsway dual carriageway

16th July, 2022. Dundee Summer Bash Street Festival 2022: The weather in North East Scotland is warm and sunny, with temperatures reaching 22°C. Today is the first day of the Dundee Summer Bash Street Festival 2022 across the city, which runs from 16th to 24th July 2022 and Dundee has declared itself to be Beanotown. Their free performances will astound and excite audiences of all ages. Street theatre, aerialists on giant swings, and an interactive marble run will bring the city centre to life.

Dundee, Tayside, Scotland, Dundee News, UK. 12th May, 2022. Beano`s Dennis (The Menace) and Gnasher are photographed in the city centre promoting this historic and largest-ever comics celebration. This summer, Dundee will celebrate its status as the home of comics with the Summer Bash Street Festival, which will run from July 14th to July 24th, 2022. Dundee will be transformed into "Beanotown" with well-known characters and stories taking over the city streets as part of Scotland's Year of Stories 2022, celebrating the wealth of stories inspired, written, and created in Scotland. Live News

19th July, 2022. UK Weather: Temperatures in North East Scotland have reached 29°C, prompting extreme high temperature orange warnings. Despite the humidity, local residents and tourists are out enjoying the beautiful weather and buying ice cream cones, cold drinks, and coffees outside the V&A Design Museum on Dundee's Waterfront Development Project.

Ian Borthwick The Right Honourable Lord Lieutenant and Lord Provost of Dundee announced his retirement on 4th May, 2022 while being interviewed by the BBC Scotland news. Ian Borthwick was the longest-serving councillor in Scotland. He was first elected to

19th Oct, 2021. UK News: The Giant £1m humpback whale sculpture designed by Lee Simmons has finally arrived in Dundee for the last part of the journey to be installed beside the V&A Design Museum. The 36-metre, 22-tonne whale is being transported by two tug boats along the River Tay to be lifted by a large crane to its final resting point outside the Victoria & Albert Museum along Dundee waterfront

The Giant £1m humpback whale sculpture
Princess Anne

Official engagements undertaken by members of the Royal Family. Princess Anne visits Dundee to commemorate sailors who lost their lives a hundred years ago during the First World War. The service took place at The Steeple Church along the Nethergate in Dundee, Scotland on July 10th 2017.

Woman poses for the camera during the "Under One Banner" static rally with Independence Live Rally Held on 31st July 2021 In Dundee 

26th July, 2021. UK Weather: Mini heatwave across North East Scotland with temperatures reaching 24°C. Local residents are glad to get outdoors to have fun to enjoy the hot Summer weather in Dundee. Two young girls wearing facemasks are cooling down in the heat eating ice cream cones whilst having fun outside after a day out shopping in the city centre.

The Trades House Pub

26th July, 2021. UK Weather: Mini heatwave across North East Scotland with temperatures reaching 24°C. Local residents are glad to get outdoors to have fun to enjoy the warm Summer weather in Dundee. People sitting outside the Trades House pub cooling down with refreshments in the city centre

The Counting House in Dundee

UK Weather: Warm spring sunshine across North East Scotland with temperatures reaching 15°C. Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are now relaxed to Level 2 in Dundee seeing people taking advantage of the new eased regulations and socialising inside and outside local pubs. The Tier 2 restrictions allows Dundee pubs to stay open for business until 10.30pm with customers out enjoying the weather drinking and dining at J.D Wetherspoon`s Counting House public house

Oor Wullie



On March 7th 2016 Dundee unveiled a new statue of mischievous schoolboy Oor Wullie. The bronze work was commissioned to celebrate the 80th anniversary of his debut in The Sunday Post. Dundee’s comic character heritage is being celebrated with a new statue of Oor Wullie in the city centre. Beside him is his trusty bucket and behind him on the wall are bronze replicas of his trusty satchel containing his catapult and pet mouse Jeemy.


Jim Kerr





 May 17th 2017. The 1980`s Scottish rock band Simple Minds arrive in Dundee for the start of their UK tour. Jim Kerr arriving outside the Caird Hall Back Stage entrance before their live acoustic concert

Sarah Brown




May 17th 2017. Pink Floyd backing vocalist Sarah Brown arriving outside the Caird Hall Back Stage entrance before the live acoustic concert with Scottish rock band Simple Minds Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit to Dundee


23rd October 2015:Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit to Dundee. Prince William and Kate Middleton have made their first official visit to Dundee. The Royal couple visiting the Abertay University and the RRS Discovery Ship. They were met by the University Students outside the main Abertay University entrance and Dunblane School Children at Discovery Point in Dundee. Her Majesty the Queen Royal visit to Dundee.

Dundee, Scotland. July 6th 2016. Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Philip today during their Royal visit to Dundee. On the Balcony of The Chambers of Commerce with Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip is Dundee`s Lord Provost Bob Duncan [far left] who is Her Majesty`s Lord Lieutenant of the City of Dundee and Right Lady Lord Provost [far right].

The Beast From The East

28th February, 2018. UK Weather. The Siberian Beast arrives over the north east of Scotland with heavy snow falls and blustery cold winds sweeping across Dundee. Freezing weather from Serbia known as "The Beast from the East" is set to cause travel disruption and school closures as Britain faces its coldest February in years

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