Dundee Photographics favours the rich colours of dawn and dusk when natural light is at its most special. Using equipment to enable to capture magical moments from Summer to Winter landscapes  whether in the rural countryside of Tayside and Angus to urban Dundee, parks cemeteries and coastal sceneries.

River Tay


Summer reflections of the 1960`s Tay Road Bridge on the River Tay which spans from Dundee city to Fife County

Viale di Autunno



Autumn Scene.

An avenue of trees with Autumnal colours at the Camperdown country park in Dundee.

Reekie Linn Waterfall

Linn Falls. Glen Isla is the most westerly of the Angus Glens, and the only one that is a through route for cars. The area is also a favourite destination for nature lovers. At the Loch of Lintrathen, a wildlife reserve provides a summer home for ospreys, while in the winter months, all sorts of wildfowl can be found. Amongst the other outdoor delights is the Backwater Reservoir, where the road takes you across the dam itself. Reekie Linn Falls is an impressive waterfall in natural gorged woodland; its spume effects account for its smoky, 'reekie’ description. The falls thrown up great clouds of spray and it is from this that they got their name. The word ‘reekie’ means smoke or mist while ‘linn’ is Gaelic for deep or dark pool. The pool beneath the falls is said to be over 30 metres deep. The Victorians first put Reekie Linn on the tourist map and it has remained a firm favourite with visitors to Angus ever since. One of Scotland’s most spectacular waterfalls, it cascades through a deep tree-lined canyon, throwing up a smoky mist of spray. A well-walked path follows the north bank of the River Isla to an exposed cliff-top viewpoint.