Ashley Wilkinson

Ashley Wilkinson is one of the CluedUpp outdoor detective characters which is based on the famous board game Cluedo.

Ashley wearing a 1930`s style outfit takes the day out modelling at Baxter Park in Dundee, Scotland during the eased level 2 COVID-19 lockdown

Je suis ici en attente Hercule Poirot
Nous sommes seuls maintenant Hercule Poirot
Oh s’il vous plaît Hercule Poirot Trouver mon amant perdu
Oh mon amour pour toi Poirot est si sensuel
Viens me voir mon cher Poirot, j’attends ton amour
Ma rencontre avec Monsieur Hercule Poirot
Mes pensées sensuelles de vous Monsieur Poirot
Poirot Poirot pour l’art tu Poirot '?

Ashley appeared as Miss Scarlet who typically portrayed as young, cunning, and highly attractive woman in the Dundee Ripper CluedUpp outdoor detective adventure that scramble across the town solving clues cracking the case to catch the killer before the Ripper strikes again