Live News

Live News consists of news events and everyday news documentaions in and around Dundee, Scotland. Weather reports and Royal visits to Dundee. Celebreties, musicians and the Waterfront Development Project such as the V&A Museum. Photojournalism and newspaper articles caught on camera, Dundee Photographics can capture these moments and live events.

Princess Anne

Official engagements undertaken by members of the Royal Family. Princess Anne visits Dundee to commemorate sailors who lost their lives a hundred years ago during the First World War. The service took place at The Steeple Church along the Nethergate in Dundee, Scotland on July 10th 2017.

Jim Kerr





1980`s Scottish rock band Simple Minds arrive in Dundee for the start of their UK tour. Jim Kerr arriving outside the Caird Hall Back Stage entrance before their live acoustic concert at 7.30pm, May 17th 2017

Sarah Brown




Pink Floyd backing vocalist Sarah Brown arriving outside the Caird Hall Back Stage entrance before the live acoustic concert with Scottish rock band Simple Minds on May 17th 2017




19th June, 2017. UK weather: Another very hot day with the best of the sunshine across Tayside with Maximum temperatures of 30 °C. A young woman sitting beside the City Square Fountain enjoying the warm glorious weather in Dundee, UK. Her Majesty the Queen Royal visit to Dundee.

Dundee, Scotland. July 6th 2016. Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Philip today during their Royal visit to Dundee. On the Balcony of The Chambers of Commerce with Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip is Dundee`s Lord Provost Bob Duncan [far left] who is Her Majesty`s Lord Lieutenant of the City of Dundee and Right Lady Lord Provost [far right]. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit to Dundee


Dundee, Scotland, 23rd October 2015:Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit to Dundee. Prince William and Kate Middleton have made their first official visit to Dundee. The Royal couple visiting the Abertay University and the RRS Discovery Ship. They were met by the University Students outside the main Abertay University entrance and Dunblane School Children at Discovery Point in Dundee.

Oor Wullie



On March 7th 2016 Dundee unveiled a new statue of mischievous schoolboy Oor Wullie. The bronze work was commissioned to celebrate the 80th anniversary of his debut in The Sunday Post. Dundee’s comic character heritage is being celebrated with a new statue of Oor Wullie in the city centre. Beside him is his trusty bucket and behind him on the wall are bronze replicas of his trusty satchel containing his catapult and pet mouse Jeemy.


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