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It's not just the quality of my work that sets apart from other photography. It's also the diversity, creativity and style that is visible in each and every one of my photographs. Lifestyle photography focuses on who you are and where you are, right here and right now, It's about capturing people's personalities and character, something of who they are in that moment, in natural surroundings, in a natural way, at the beach, cityscape or urban backgrounds 

Mr James Everything




Faiza Faa & Samar Munaf




Two students, Parisian-Algerian Faiza Faa (left) and her friend Samar Munaf from Iraq (right) having fun on a windy day in Dundee, UK

Faiza Faa




A happy smiling French-Algerian student Faiza Faa from Paris in Dundee




Dundee, Tayside, Scotland, UK. 19th March, 2018. UK weather: Two young female friends seated close together enjoying the mild sunny spring day in Dundee city centre, UK

Mei Li







Mei Li is a Scottish born Chinese woman happily posing to have her photograph taken on a windy day in Dundee




2nd Aug, 2017. UK weather: A very warm day with the best of the sunshine across Tayside with Maximum temperatures of 19 °C. A young woman takes a seat beside the DC Thomson Beano cartoon character “Minnie the Minx” to have her photograph taken and enjoying the glorious warm sunny weather in Dundee


(Image was in the London Metro Paper 3rd August page 4)






June 19th 2017: UK Weather.

Another very hot day with the best of the sunshine across Tayside with maximum tempretures of 30°C. A young woman sitting beside the fountain at the City Square enjoying the warm weather in Dundee.

The Bearded Man




A young man with short hear and long beard stops to have his profile photograph taken in Dundee city centre

Beatriz Villacorta Suarez

Spanish woman Beatriz Villacorta Suarez from the East Coast Tattoo Studio “TheHiveArtStudioInk” sitting on marble seats enjoying the glorious spring sunshine in Dundee city centre, UK

Achoo Ma`Lady

A fashionable elderly woman sitting on a city seat sneezing into a handkerchief on a warm sunny Spring day in Dundee